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Keynote Speakers
John Flower (University of Kent, UK)
Serge Guilbaut (University of British Columbia)
Philippe Roger (Ecole des Hautes Etudes en Sciences Sociales, Paris)
Irwin Wall (University of California, Riverside)

    Since the Iraq war of 2003, relations between France and the U.S. have entered yet another turbulent phase, making this a timely moment in which to re-assess the Cold War period in the light of recent and current research. How far were post-war relations between France and the U.S. a product of circumstances peculiar to the Cold War? To what extent were they rooted in a more deep-seated clash between national cultures and polities? What are the enduring legacies of French and American thinkers, artists and politicians active during the Cold War period? Do central threads of that period now appear as so many dead ends? How far can the transnational ideological battles at the heart of the Cold War help illuminate the state of Franco-American relations amid today’s global “war on terror”? These are among the key questions addressed by speakers in this interdisciplinary conference.

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